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Working with 3D

Working with 3D objects can be a difficult task. It can be hard to draw and comprehend just what something might look like as a 3D object. Luckily for us the computer knows how to do this. It used to be called Repousse. It was simple yet complex and most people do not know that it even exists. Here is a quick tutorial to get you introduced to 3D in Photoshop. This feature can also be replicated with selections and paths.

1. We will start with some simple text. The word 3D will work for now.
2. Select 3D -> New 3D extrusion from selected layer.
3. Then a dialog box will appear and ask you if you want to switch to a 3D workspace. Say  Yes
4. This is your workspace. As you can see there is a new tab next to your layers tab in your workspace. Below and above it are the ways you can manipulate the 3D text. play with the depth of field and shadows. Change the location of light and also add light where it is needed. You can also change the way that the 3D works. Click on the 3D text and once you do there will be a section in the workspace that reads shape preset. Here you can change the angle and the overall look of the 3D text.

You can also merge multiple 3D layers to create one object by going to 3D -> Merge 3D Layers.
You can also create round and 360 degree objects by using these tips. Play with it! You can only get better!

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