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Why Choosing the right Web Host is Crucial

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You have often read this term that Choosing the right Web Host for your blog is very much crucial, but ever wondered why..???

have you ever asked anyone that WHY CHOOSING THE RIGHT WEB HOST IS CRUCIAL..?? If not, we are going to provide you the answer.

Before you proceed gather info here about What is Web Hosting

Now , As you have much information about web hosting, Here I am providing few points which drive your website, In other words if you understand these points you can have a fair idea why choosing the right web host is crucial.

Revenue Loss : With your business online, you can`t afford a single minute of downtime, and choosing a wrong web host can make your site down. It can even result in Loss of thousands of dollars as business is the game of Time or I should say business is the game of Seconds, If you are not able to retain your customer, your competitor will win. So, Beware of this fact.

Cant Rank with SEO : One of the most crucial factors if you want traffic from the Big G i.e. Google is selecting the right web host. As, SEO depends upon various factors which are driven by Web Hosting. For Example, Location of your server, If you are targeting a particular Server you should have the Data Centre located locally. So that the ping time comes out to be less and hence improve your overall response time.

Also, the quality of the server you are using also has an impact over that. Because the more good the server, more good will be your ranking.

Security and Malware Attacks : Once I used to work in a Web Hosting Company. Actually that was a reseller of a very known hosting service, but how that company maintained their particular servers was not good.

Frequently we used to face Security issues with our clients that their sites are being very easily hacked by the hackers and ultimately what we used to do was to restore the last backup stored. Sometimes it used to be very old so there was data loss.

Then we found the issue was our servers were not properly secured and resolved it. So, this factor is also crucial.

Now, a you have much knowledge about Why Choosing a Right web host is crucial, proceed here to 5 Simple hacks to choose the right Web Host.


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