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Tor Browser Download Android Mac iPhone Apk

Download tor browser for your android device and maintain your anonymity and keep your online activity hidden and untraceable using the tor browser. You can also tor browser download for Mac and iPhone and use tor on your apple device which will allow you to surf the web safely without having to worry about online footprints that help the ad network understand your browsing pattern and browsing history and that in many people`s opinion an invasion of privacy.

Tor browser download supports a number of operating systems. You can download tor browser for windows 8 and we also provide links for the older versions of tor browser free download for windows 7 and tor browser for windows XP.

This is an unbiased tor browser review in which we will introduce you to the pros and cons of tor browser, whether it functions as advertised or it is just a hoax and where it stands when compared with the other leading web browsers of this age. Keep reading and find out yourself.

We have put tor browser apk to the test to test the browser on the basis of the basic features of any web browser which tells us exactly why you should or shouldn`t go for it and install tor browser on your device.

Features of Tor Browser Apk

Following are the points on which you can test any web browser if it`s worth it or not

  • The surfing speed of the web browser, how fast the web browser can decode and display any website.
  • The download speed of the web browser and the bandwidth at which it can download files over a high speed internet connection.
  • Reliability of the web browser and the security of your personal information.

We tested tor browser on the basis of above mentioned points and the result came out like this

  • The surfing speed you get on the Tor browser is pretty impressive; you can see the pages loading pretty quickly and is not bad at all. Only time it disappointed was during playing online high graphics games but most browsers give the same performance in similar situations so we will give tor browser a pass in this one.
  • Downloads on tor browser are fast and snappy. You can expect decent speeds depending on the speed of your internet connection. Tor browser gives you the ability to pause a progressing download and resume it even after a reboot, you won`t miss a bit. This is a pretty amazing feature which we do not get to see on many leading web browsers such as Google chrome and apple safari.
  • Tor browser is popular because of the security feature so you can be sure of the safety of your personal information sticking with you. Tor browser allows you to use the tor software which helps you hide your online footprints. Your online footprints are the pattern and the account of your web browsing history. Google and other websites sell this data to ad networks so that they can understand your interests better and show you the products you like, and tor prevents that. Pretty cool, right?

Download Tor Browser Apk for Android

The tor browser portable size makes it easy to download and install it on your system and you do not have to spend much data on the data file. You can also download the zipped version of the tor browser iphone and use it on your apple device running on iOS. Tor browser is compatible to most of the operating systems out there, it is highly unlikely that your device will not support tor browser. We have an additional section tor browser wiki, you can read it if you want to know more about the Tor browser and its security features and how it helps you keep your surfing record private.

Thank you for reading and share this amazing web browser which excelled at every point we tested it. Tell your friends how Tor Browser Download Android can help your friends keep their browsing history private and help them keep their privacy. Feel free to leave your queries related to the installation process of tor browser on your device using the comment section below, we will be happy to help you out as soon as possible.


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