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Best Technology Inventions 2011 Top Technological Inventions

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Top Ten Inventions For

A creative process is known as invention. A curious, innovative and open mind see beyond what is known by everyone. The process of inventing new and unique products is carried on by genius and intellectual minds. Here is the list of top ten inventions of 2011 or we can say that followings are the top 10 technological inventions of year ;

1. The Stark Hand

Mark Stark created this remarkable invention. The Stark Hand prototype functions like a mechanical hand and is also known as Natural Dexterous Hand.

2. The Bodyguard

The bodyguard is a crime-fighting armored glove that is invented by David Brown. A wrist mounted stunner and a camera is available in this amazing invention.

3. The Zero Liquid Discharge

ZLD or Zero Liquid Discharge perfectly evaporates and oxidizes sewage from airplanes, boats and RVs.

4. The Katal Landing Pad

The Katal Landing Pad provides a large cushioned landing and was invented by Aaron Coret and his friend Stephen Slen.

5. The Medical Mirror

The Medical Mirror is not a normal mirror. It can tell you about your heart rate.

6. Dynamic Eye Sunglasses

Chris Mullin invented the dynamic eye sunglasses. They are used to block the sunshine.

7. The Bed Bug Detective

This amazing device is used to detect the pests such as cockroaches and mice.

8. A Prenatal Marker to Screen for Pregnancy Complications

You can find out the complications in pregnancy at early stages by using this stunning invention.

9. The Print Brush

Alex Breton invented this print brush. The weight of this device is less than a pound.

10. Kymera Motorized Body Board

Jason Woods invented Kymera Motorized Body Board.


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